To promote higher education for the marginalized folks of the remote rural areas. To strive for the around development of our students to face the global competition. With utmost confidence by imparting awareness and by strengthening their inner conscience and human value.


  1. To educate illiterates residing in villages where education facilities are not available to poor masses.
  2. To offer extensive and more liberal facilities of study and training in various branches of knowledge Arts, Science, Craft and culture.
  3. To offer opportunities of higher study and research to those who have not had them in the ordinary course irrespective of age or other handicaps.
  4. To instill love of learning and study amongst the masses.
  5. To open establish encourage aid or assist the primary middle school, high school and colleges of all types.
  6. To aid affiliate or recognize institutions working with the objects similar to those of the institution.
  7. To make intensive effort to give instinct human intelligence and initiate a better change, scope and recognition which is almost denied to millions of people because they had not opportunity to pass the matriculation and undertake further higher study.
  8. To advance mutual knowledge and understanding knowledge and understanding of people of all coasts, communities and religions.
  9. To increase and diffuse knowledge.
  10. To start, arrange, maintain and provide for the establishment of study circles, trade schools, rural library organizations, agricultural demonstration plots and all other similar activities.