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The Shri Mahaveer Charitable Trust is an independent, progressive organisation committed to bring about radical change towards a better world and accelerating positive movement on needy critical social issues and effecting enduring systemic change. Established under the aegis of Mahaveer Charitable Trust during the academic year 2012-13 for systematic education spacially for women, Mahaveer Sumitra Mahila Mahavidyalaya is situated in Southern Uttar Pradesh near Allahabad. Mahaveer Sumitra Mahila Mahavidyalaya has carved out a niche for itself. It not only aims for quality education and character building, but also in education for all…. Irrespective of class, creed and one's financial background. We believe in creating a strong women whose values are deep rooted, as our motto declares – to enable them to compete globally. We are affiliated to Chatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. We have a healthy work environment, quality academics and good infrastructural facilities. The college has been fulfilling the educational needs of the society since its incorporation. The vidyalaya has a family environment, conducive and congenial for acquiring knowledge, building character, inculcating values, development of personality and enhancement of creativity through continuous support and bonding between the students, faculty members and management. We have a qualified and experienced faculty, efficient administrative and technical staff and motivating leadership in our Principal and Management. We firmly believe in democratic approach and openness of thoughts. Students are motivated to participate in extra and co-curricular activities.


       Education is a methodical effort towards learning basic facts about humanity. And the core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed. It begins at home and it is continued in schools. Everyone accepts certain things in his/her life through various mediums like society or government.